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If you are reading this article I don’t need to tell you that I am a wedding photographer in Paris and what my job is. What you really want to know is if you can trust me to document with beautiful images the most important day of your

The first thing I want you know is… for me the most important are the people and those real emotions of those people, that is what inspires me and feeds my work. I’m interested in the more human side of photography but always keeping in my images an artistic sense and above all good taste. These two elements are the main characteristics of my work.

You’ve probably been dreaming about the day of your life all your life; Finally it’s a new beginning with that person you love the most and with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. Believe me, I understand you.


Do you know how many people spend their lives looking for that special person without actually finding it? That’s a huge luck and that’s why we have to celebrate!

I am there to help translate those memories into artistic images that proudly show your children and your grandchildren.


When you decide to work with a wedding photographer in Paris, you must know that you are buying a style and that unique vision of seeing the world, its experience, its route and its reputation.

My style is the result of my travel in the world of art, design and advertising.

Keep in mind also that when you decide for a wedding photographer in Paris, you will be choosing the company of that person during the most intimate moments of the most important day of your life, so it would be good to be someone with whom you will get along 😉


I believe a lot in the energies of people, for me it is very important that we can connect on a personal and professional level, that you trust me and that we have a good synergy, a good vibe.

That’s why I take a very limited number of weddings a year, which allows me to focus on you and your particular story. I prefer to focus on quality rather than quantity.

Now I am going to answer some of the most frequent questions that my clients ask me when they want me to make the photos of their wedding.


Do you just have weddings in Paris or do weddings in other destinations?

I take photos anywhere in the world! In fact many of my clients to whom I have made their Paris landing page proposal or their engagement photos in Paris ask me to take pictures of their wedding in their respective countries . Whether America, Asia or South America I always have the suitcase ready.



If you could define your style in a few words, what would it be?

Emotional, ethereal, artistic and tasteful.

For me it is very important that my clients feel comfortable in front of my camera, as I said before, it is essential that we can connect a personal level, because this way I can document the real and authentic emotions of fashion as possible. My images are baths of good taste, elegance and are full of light. That is my personal seal.


¿Me vas a decir que hacer y cómo posar?

Antes de tu boda te voy a dar algunos tips para que tengas en cuenta al momento de tu ceremonia, y si hacemos fotos de recién casados voy a dirigirte para que tus fotos queden perfectas. Sin embargo durante los momentos más importantes de tu boda seré discreta y tendré una aproximación de fotoperiodismo donde intervenga lo menos posible.


What is the best time to do my photos of newlyweds?

The best time to take pictures in general is sunrise and sunset, so I recommend you day cases. The night is not ideal for the photos.

How many languages do you speak?

English, Spanish and French.

How long must I wait to see my photos?

Your photos take between 4 and 6 weeks to be ready, each image is treated very carefully so there is no reason to run.
If you want an album, you have 6 more weeks between design, approval, production and shipping.

How many images will I get?

I will give you between 400 and 600 photos approximately, each wedding is unique and can vary depending on the duration and many other factors. As I said before, I prefer to focus on quality and quantity. Also when there are too many good photos do not stand out between a sea of information and the viewer gets tired when there is a lot.

Do you take photos of my family as well or just the couple?

I know there are photographers who refuse to take pictures of your family and only focus on the couple that is getting married.

I do not agree with that approach. In my particular case, my family is the most important thing in my life and I would not want my photographer to refuse to take pictures of my dad or my mom. I will focus on documenting the whole story of the couple as well as the family, friends and guests.

What do you mean you’re going to take photos of each of my guests?

No, some guests are more shy and others ask me to take the picture, remember that the protagonists are you as bride and groom and in you I will focus to capture those precious moments and spontaneous, but I will also be willing to take The photos of the family and friends that are within my reach.

Can you take us photos alone before or after the ceremony?

Clear! In fact I recommend it. When you are planning your wedding day, with your wedding planner or the two sitting at the dining table, spend at least 1 hour (minimum) to make those special photos of newlyweds that you can then frame or put in the album.


What are your dream clients?

I like to work with authentic and relaxed people, with people who are there to be happy and genuinely enjoy their wedding day. I like the love, the affection and the human emotions, that is what moves me every day.

Do you make big changes to photos in Photoshop?

Let’s start by differentiating the retouching from the editing. In the edition I make correction of color, light, contrast, etc. The retouching is the modification of the original image with great changes in Photoshop, I rarely make this type of changes and when I do them are very subtle, but very eventual. For me it is very important to preserve the integrity of the image.


How are you going to give me my photos?

I’m going to have an exclusive online gallery for you with a password that only you can access. There you can view and download your carefully edited images in fine art style in high resolution and without watermarks.


How can I share my photos with my family and friends?

Your family and friends will always be able to enter my page where I have a space exclusively for my clients. There you will find your gallery and you can share your photos by sharing the password I sent you.


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Can you also offer me an album for myself and additional albums for my parents and friends?

Of course! Let’s face it, how many times have you seen the photos of your favorite vacation on your computer? I think the answer is: almost never, rarely.

Now, how many times did you go to your grandmother’s or your aunts’ house and take the family album? I think you already know where I want to go.

The printed photos last forever, they are present in your daily life.

Imagine a beautiful luxury album in a beautiful box on your coffee table that gives value to those beautiful photos of the most important day of your life. Imagine how proud it is to show this beautiful piece to your friends and family.

paris wedding albums gloria villa

Most of my clients actually ask me for albums for both parents and even for best friends. Finally, this day is not only important for you, but also for your parents, family and friends.

I have dedicated a lot of time and effort to researching and finding the best albums suppliers in Europe and the world. And I am proud to offer you a truly premium quality in all my products.

So if you want the best quality for your album and your family and friends just send me a message and I will make it real for you.

wedding-album-from-paris-weddingAnd can you also offer me framed prints and pictures?

Of course! It is one of the most common requests of my clients. Many of them tell me that they always receive nice comments from family and friends when they receive them at home.

I love your style and I identify with your philosophy, how do I to contract you?

Too Easy!

  1. Send me a message, telling me some basic information.
  2. We’ll talk for skype.
  3. I send a receipt for you to pay your deposit that separates your date in my calendar and we sign the contract.

Ready! Now enjoy your wedding day!

If you would like contact me to check my availability as your Paris engagement photographer for your proposal dates, please do so by emailing: or you can call me directly at: +33 (0) 782 93 55 88. I eagerly anticipate our more informal introduction to each other and look forward to creating with you both those perfect, treasured memories of your Paris experience. 

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