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paris quinceanera celebration photoshoot by photographer gloria villa

5 reasons why choose an actual trip to Paris over a Paris quinceañera theme party

5 reasons why choose an actual trip to Paris over a Paris quinceañera theme party If you're planning a Paris quinceañera theme party, read this before you start: Cost: Parties are expensive. Consider a trip to Paris itself could cost the same or even less than a Paris theme party and you'll be getting the real deal. Decor, food, alcohol, music, venue, dress, make up (for the quinceañera, mother, sisters, etc.), photography (in which case you probably will be getting nighttime pictures...

Boudoir photoshoot with the ballerina and paris photographer gloria villa

Boudoir photoshoot in Paris with the Ballerina

Boudoir photoshoot in Paris with the Ballerina When my dear friend Christ Nemes from Zen Films called me to tell me he was about to create an amazing film featuring The Ballerina, Brittany Cavaco, I couldn't hold back from my excitement. A team of crazy souls were going to be under the same roof (my Parisian boudoir studio) for a week creating art with Paris as a canvas, ready to let all the ideas flow. I was in for the adventure! The brilliant...


Catalina’s Boudoir Photography

Catalina's Boudoir Photography Boudoir Photography is getting more popular by the minute. More and more women out there are deciding to go on this adventure that seems intimidating at the beginning but also full of excitement and beauty. Being a boudoir photographer has opened a path of discovery, self-esteem and has made me rethink the female body like never before. It has allowed me to have deep conversations with many women about they fears, insecurities, but also about their processes of self-acceptance, overcoming obstacles...


My own boudoir photography experience in Paris

My own boudoir photography in Paris Ok, I'm going to be completely honest here. I never thought about having my own boudoir photography experience until I became a boudoir photographer myself. I didn't even know it was a thing. As I dived into the photography world and I started to know all this different genres of this fabulous form of art I discovered boudoir photography and that was it. It was an epiphany for me and suddenly everything made a lot of sense. This...


Quinceañera in Paris

  Quinceañera in Paris Imagine being a quinceañera in Paris, walking for the first time through the little narrow streets of the most beautiful, refined and charming city in the world. You're there! Ready to take the world by storm, full of excitement, emotions and life. That's how a quinceañera should feel when she's celebrating such and important transitional moment in life, that's how she should remember it. You as a parent always want the best for your children, you want to give them all you didn't have for yourself...


Paris Boudoir

Paris Boudoir A Paris boudoir shooting is the ultimate experience for you take home precious memories and cherish them forever. Either this is for you or for that someone special, being in Paris is the perfect opportunity to make it in style. This is the city of seduction, elegance and sensuality, and it's the perfect backdrop for you to look and feel fabulous. Parisians have always been leaders when we talk about female liberation, and there's no better place to be carried away by...

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