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Catalina’s Boudoir Photography

Catalina's Boudoir Photography Boudoir Photography is getting more popular by the minute. More and more women out there are deciding to go on this adventure that seems intimidating at the beginning but also full of excitement and beauty. Being a boudoir photographer has opened a path of discovery, self-esteem and has made me rethink the female body like never before. It has allowed me to have deep conversations with many women about they fears, insecurities, but also about their processes of self-acceptance, overcoming obstacles...


Paris Boudoir

Paris Boudoir A Paris boudoir shooting is the ultimate experience for you take home precious memories and cherish them forever. Either this is for you or for that someone special, being in Paris is the perfect opportunity to make it in style. This is the city of seduction, elegance and sensuality, and it's the perfect backdrop for you to look and feel fabulous. Parisians have always been leaders when we talk about female liberation, and there's no better place to be carried away by...


Bali Wedding with Hanri Human

Bali Wedding with Hanri Human When my friend Hanri Human talked about this Bali wedding over the phone a few months ago, I couldn't hold my emotion. Let me put you in context here. I was in Paris working with my lovely couples and my boudoir photography as usual. Summer was hectic, days were super long and I was enjoying myself meeting clients from all over the world who come to Paris to do their boudoir pictures, their engagement photo shoots or to...

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