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Proposal in Paris – Tips and tricks to get it perfect

Here is everything you need to know to pull off the perfect proposal in Paris. I’ll tell you what are the best locations, how to do it, what to wear and much more.

During my 4 years as a Paris photographer, I’ve helped hundreds of gentlemen and ladies pop the question in the city of love, and now I can help you. All you need to do is to get her to say “YES”, I’ll take care of everything else.

A proposal photographer might be all you need. I will be there to answer your questions, give you guidance and capture the moment with candid, emotional memories to cherish forever.

How to propose in Paris

  1. Choose your location
  2. Plan the time of the day (this is very important)
  3. How to propose (Are you going on one knee? What are you going to say?)
  4. Ask her family permission
  5. Insure the ring
  6. Have a plan for the celebration afterwards
  7. Book an additional engagement session
  8. Dress accordingly

paris proposal in front of the eiffel tower

1. Where to propose in Paris?

Paris is full of amazing places to ask for marriage. The first thing that comes to mind is to ask in front of the Eiffel Tower, of course! It is the international symbol of love. Although that location is amazing, if you want something less traditional the possibilities are endless.

Here is an article I’ve written to help you narrow down the alternatives and get just the best of the best. To read it click here.

paris engagement pictures after surprise proposal


2. When is the best time to propose in Paris?

Sunrise is without a doubt the best time to do it. Is when the main landmarks in the city are less crowded, there’s great golden soft light for your photos and you’ll have more privacy to make the moment extra special.

That’s why sunrise is the most requested time among my clients. Most of them divide their session in 1 + 3 hours. Which allows them to separate their proposal time and their engagement time. The benefit?

  • During the first hour, we’ll capture the genuine reactions and candid moments of the actual proposal.
  • For the second part, she can do her hair and makeup and even hire a professional stylist.
  • She can go shopping and buy a brand new dress for her engagement photoshoot in Paris, (trust me this is important for her, if you want to put the cherry on the cake, this is it).
  • You probably won’t have better locations for your engagement photoshoot back home. It is not every day you’re in Paris, so take advantage of your stay here and do it right away.
  • You’ll have more variety as you’ll have 3 additional locations different from the one where you proposal with gloria villa photographerParis proposal with photographer gloria villa

propose in Paris with photographer gloria villa

Another popular option among my clients is to divide their session in 2+2. This collection is called Paris by Day and Night. 2 hours at sunrise and 2 hours at night. 

The reasons why this collection is so popular:

  • You can propose in the morning session and then have an amazing engagement session right afterwards followed by a nighttime photoshoot for an entirely different look and feel. Paris is called the city of lights for a good reason.
  • You can change outfits.
  • You can choose 4 different locations.

Paris proposal nighttime gloria villa

engagement in Paris at the Eiffel Tower with gloria villa

3. How to propose in Paris?

  1. Tell her everything you need to say before going on one knee: otherwise she’ll black out and won’t remember a word from the shock and excitment.
  2. Think of your photos: you should be parallel to me (your proposal photographer) so I can capture both of your reactions. Don’t give me her back or your back, I need to see your profiles.
  3. Take your time: don’t rush it, that way I can capture it properly and have several takes of that important moment.
  4. Keep visual contact: look at her in the eyes, don’t look at the ring or anywhere else. The photos will look a lot more emotional and genuine.

paris proposal photo shoot

perfect paris proposalmost beautiful paris engagement ever

4. Ask permission to her family

I’ve been capturing proposals for more than 4 years now and almost 90% of the times, the first question after saying “YES” is: “Do my parents know about this?”. Believe me it’s important for her and her relatives, so include the family in the decision and the planning. She will appreciate it.

5. Insure the ring

You’re traveling with an important and expensive piece of jewelry in your pocket, it’s a good idea to insure it. Ask the insurance companies in your country or your credit card companies.

6. Make reservations for your celebration

Paris is one of the most touristic cities in the world which means the restaurants and cafes are often at their full capacity. Make reservations prior to your arrival. Some of my favorite places are:

  • Dinner at a river cruise: one of the most romantic experience you can live in the city. During the night the bridges, buildings and the Eiffel Tower will be lit up and the scenery is simply stunning.
  • Les Ombres restaurant: is located in the museum Quai Branly rooftop, it has a wonderful glass roof with a great view of the Eiffel Tower.
  • Aux Vieux Paris restaurant: located in Île de la cité, one of the Parisian islands, used to be home of the Notre Dame’s priest. It has typical French food and great interior decor.

how to propose in paris

couple photo session in paris louvreengagement picture after proposal7. Book an additional engagement session

Most of my clients book an additional engagement session for obvious reasons: it’s not every day you’re in Paris with this wonderful scenery everywhere to take stunning engagement photos. You know your photos will be admired by your friends and family back home.

Do not miss this unique opportunity, this is once in a lifetime event and these photos will only get more valuable as time goes by.

I’m going to document your love story in an artistic and tasteful manner, those elements are the key to my work.

best proposal photographer in Paris gloria villa

top proposal photographer in Paris gloria villa

8. What to wear for your engagement photoshoot

  1. Light colors vs bright colors (when and why): light colors are elegant. They will give your photos an ambiance of delicacy and will make them more dreamy. Bright colors, on the other hand, will make you pop on the photo and will separate you from the background. There’s no right or wrong, it’s simply a matter of thinking what you want to achieve with your photos. Unless if you’re wearing your wedding dress, avoid white during the day because you might blend with the background. Avoid wearing black during the night for the same reason.
  2. Bright fabrics for nighttime sessions: sequins and silk work great for nighttime pictures, with the use of artificial light, their reflections create very vibrant and bohemian looks.
  3. Avoid crazy patterns: I want all the attention of the viewer on you, not in your attire. Patterns can be very distracting and they become outdated extremely quickly. Keep it simple, in this case, less is more.
  4. Timeless outfits: my advice is to go for something classic and elegant, something that will not go out of fashion very easily. You don’t what to look at the pictures in 10 years time and look outdated.
  5. Accessories: Great! You’ve decided what to wear, maybe you can also get flowers, champagne or macarons, either for your proposal time or for your engagement session.

best Paris proposal gloria villa

top proposal in Paris gloria villa photographer

Awesome! Now you have everything you need to know to pull off the most perfect proposal in Paris, thank you so much for reading this guide, you’re already miles ahead with this information.

If you wish me to be your proposal photographer and capture those life-changing moments get in touch to check my availability by clicking the contact button or call me at +33 782935588. I’m looking forward to hearing from you and help you create memories to cherish forever.


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Looking backward, I couldn't thing of a better decision than hiring Gloria as my photographer in Paris. Gloria gave me everything I needed to make a magical and unforgettable day. Her warm personality, her consultation process and her professionalism exceed all expectations and the result was simply spectacular. I only can thank her for her work and recommend her to everyone reading this review. Don't doubt about it, she's the best decision you can make, we will forever be thankful.

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Gloria Villa is the best photographer in Paris, period. I live in San Francisco and reached out to every photographer in Paris with a web presence in the hopes of finding someone to capture the moment that I proposed to my now-fiancee (she said yes!) - and all roads led back to Gloria. I knew Gloria was the photographer for me when multiple other reputable photographers, unavailable, referred me to Gloria - that kind of respect among competitors in photography told me everything I needed to know about Gloria, and I'm glad I trusted my gut. I was so extremely nervous about the logistics of proposing in a foreign country, but Gloria put me totally at ease despite the fact that I had never met her and barely knew what she looked like - and captured my big moment with the most beautiful photos I've ever seen. From sending me latitude and longitude of where to go (seriously) to wearing a fabulous hat that helped me spot her, she knew exactly how to help me pull it off - and I could not have done it without her. And she blended in, looking merely like a tourist - helping to keep it a surprise. It was the most special moment of my entire life and would not have been possible without Gloria. And because of her, my future wife and I will have beautiful memories of that moment for the REST of our lives. Thank you, Gloria. To those in search of a photographer: look no further.

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