Barcelona photoshoot with Luisa – Santiago

Barcelona photoshoot with Luisa – Santiago

Although I’m based in Paris, I do photoshoots all around Europe and other places around the world.

This photo session in Barcelona was amazing as I had the opportunity to have 2 of my best friends as clients.

We decided to do a road trip through Spain and Portugal and capture their love in different cities along the way. The resoults were fantastic.

We shot in Barcelona, Lisbon and Porto

To see the photoshoot in Lisbon click here

To see the photoshoot in Porto click here

Barcelona has amazing backgrounds to take photos. We chose the Park Güell as it’s such an unmistakable icon of the city and just absolutely stunning and is.

The result was an afternoon full of fun, love and laughter. I’m so happy to be able to share my art with the people I love the most.

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23 May, 2017



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