Boudoir photography in Paris during cherry blossoms season

Boudoir photography in Paris during cherry blossoms season

If you’re planning to come to Paris and you’re thinking what’s the best time to visit the city, spring is a good call.

Here are the advantages of visiting Paris during spring season:

  1. The city is full of flowers: the French take their gardening very seriously, therefore thier gardens are carefully designed with a big variety of plants in all shapes and colors. Some of the best gardens you can visit in Paris are Tuileries Gardens, Parc Monceau, Parc de Sceaux (outside Paris but easily reachable by train RER), Coulée Verte and Jardin des Plantes.
  2. The cherry trees are in bloom, and this is probably the most important reason to visit Paris during spring. Don’t miss the opportunity to see the Eiffel Tower surrounded by the cherry trees full with pink flowers and definitely do not miss the cherry blossom tree forest at Parc de Seaux.
  3. If you’re getting your photos taken in Paris, the flowers and the greenery will give them a special look that you cannot get any other time of the year.

That’s why I decided to create this boudoir photoshoot solely inspired by Parisian spring.

We started with some portraits around the Eiffel Tower, because of course, this is the most important landmark of the city, we need those! Then we decided to do a picnic at Parc de Seaux cherry blossom tree forest, where we got the most beautiful, delicate and feminine photos.

Finally, we went to my boudoir studio in the heart of le Marais (one of the trendiest and more vibrant areas of the city) where we used my flower wall as a background to complete the look. This all has become my signature as more and more clients ask me for photos with this black ground, the don’t want to miss out.

The key elements for this photoshoot was consistency and femininity, that’s why we chose a pink and beige color palette that was included in the outfits, locations, backgrounds, props and lingerie.

If you want to inquire for your own boudoir photoshoot in Paris, click the contact button and let’s make it happen.


12 September, 2019


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