Boudoir photoshoot in Paris – Brittni

Boudoir photoshoot in Paris – Brittni


Boudoir photoshoot in Paris with Brittni


This boudoir photoshoot with Bittni was amazing because SHE is amazing.

She’s just 27 years old and it was her 4th time in Paris.

She’s been traveling the world, has seen more than 20 countries and counting, and all by herself. Hats off!

This incredible lady had taught me so much about the courage of stepping out of your comfort zone to pursue your dreams. She doesn’t care too much about what anybody thinks of her, she’s writing her own story and that’s something I deeply admire.

And to make things even better she left me the most beautiful review about her boudoir photoshoot. Here is what she had to say:

“Gloria is an amazing photographer and woman. I contacted her for a boudoir shoot while in Paris and she handled everything down to the details. She brought rosé, flowers, and little Parisian desserts to incorporate into the photoshoot. She helped with poses and everything, and it truly makes a difference! Plus, she knew all of the cool spots in Paris to take pictures, and I loved how they came out! If you’re wanting to have a memorable photoshoot in Paris, you HAVE to work with Gloria!” ❤️

Now you see how great this girl is? I’m so grateful to have a profession that allows me to meet people like her.

If you are as excited as I am about these photos and want to treat yourself with the ultimate Paris boudoir photography experience, send me a message by clicking on the contact button or call me at: +33 782 93 55 88



24 February, 2019




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