Boudoir photography – Cristina says good by to Paris

Boudoir photography – Cristina says good by to Paris


Boudoir photography – Cristina says good by to Paris

To me, it’s been a great honor to do this boudoir photography experience for my dear friend Cristina in Paris.

This beautiful and brave woman left her family, her friends and the comfort zone to start from scratch on a new country. New language, new people, new life.

She studied construction engineering and started her professional career in 2011 when beginning her master’s degree.

After 7 years of living in France, she decided it was time to go back to her roots, family and friends.

So she came back to Spain not without saying a proper goodbye to the city of lights, the city that gave her a second family, her group of international friends.

Our boudoir photography experience was the perfect way to commemorate and take with her millions of memories of her life in Paris.

We started with a portrait session at the Eiffel Tower because it’s the most iconic symbol of the city. Then we moved to the Alexander III bridge because she used to cross it every day on her way to work, so it holds a lot of meaning for her.

The boudoir session was done at my studio in the heart of Le Marais to give the photos the perfect Parisian style.

Finally, we printed a luxurious wooden album for her to cherish the photos forever. She says it’s one of her biggest treasures.

So, if you’re as excited as I am and want to live this wonderful boudoir photography experience for yourself, send me a message by clicking the contact button or call me at: +33 782 93 55 88.



26 February, 2019


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