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“I guess it goes to show that you just never know where life will take you.
You search for answers. You wonder what it all means. You stumble, and you soar.
And, if you’re lucky, you make it to Paris for a while.”

Amy Thomas, Paris, My Sweet: A Year in the City of Light

Since I was young, I always saw the Eiffel Tower in movies, books and magazines and I thought how incredible it would be to go to Paris one day; when I was in college, I had a picture of the Alexander III Bridge as a screensaver and I started studying French without even knowing if someday I would be able to step into French territory.

And here I am today, some years later, living my passion in the “City of Light,” a passion I’d like to share with you.

couple kiss eiffel tower

Paris is a city to build memories, because it is not every day that you can walk through the Seine River shore, see the illuminated Eiffel Tower or be impressed by the Louvre’s museum architecture. When you are here, in Paris, you will escape the routine and you will live extraordinary moments that will be forever engraved in your memory, and to accomplish that, you will need the best photographer in Paris.

When you are looking for your Paris photographer, you will want someone that is uber-professional yet more than approachable and friendly, full of artistic flair and creativity yet happy to integrate your own ideas.


My name is Gloria Villa and the city of Paris is where I have chosen to put down my roots after extensive travelling. The romantic ambience, the stunning architecture, the majesty of it all provides an inspirational backdrop to my work, whether it is photographing weddings, proposals, engagements, boudoir sessions or your other important life events.

For me, photography is about the artistic capture of those precious, important moments in our lives when the wonderful is happening – moments that we would wish to return to again and again, to re-live the emotions and feelings, and to share with those close to us. Furthermore, photography is my life, my passion – one that I would like to share with you.

Let us share the journey together.

So What is the Secret of a Professional Paris Photographer?

As subjective as this question may appear to be, it is most definitely not. Being a photographer in Paris has several requirements that are fundamental in order to make amazing photographs and real connections with people, thus, making unforgettable experiences.

These requirements seek to accomplish three primary objectives: to place you within a particular moment, to tell you a story and to evoke emotion. This is achieved through:


Obvious? Yes. Guaranteed? Sadly, not always. It is not enough to have professional-looking equipment to make oneself a good photographer. My photographic equipment, my cameras, my lenses, my knowledge of them and my technical and artistic abilities are all tools to which I turn to create the best possible images. The essence of any great Paris photographer lies in the use of those tools in the search for art – the creation of something unique, inspiring and utterly enchanting. Coupled with my professional yet diverse experience, your level of satisfaction will be exceptionally high.

paris fashion blogger photo shoot


For me, it is a true blessing to live with the gift of creativity, to view the world around me and everything within in such a way that the creativity just happens naturally.

When we are doing a photo session, you will realize that you are my inspiration and the star of my composition. There are thousands of photographs of the Eiffel Tower, however, how many of those pictures have you in them? That is precisely my point. That is what will separate you from a regular tourist, the possibility of having a photographer in Paris just for you, a professional photographer next to you to make the city the perfect canvas for your own story.

How a photographer uses the creative element in their work defines their original style. However, elite Paris photographers will use the Parisian backdrop not to define themselves, but to add to that creativity, that style.

If you put 20 photographers in front of the Eiffel Tower, each of them will give you a different photo, I care about the photograph where you are present.

lolo al aslawi fashion shoot in parisPersonality

As mentioned previously, I look upon a client relationship as a journey, to explore their wishes and ideas together, and to ultimately create a set of photographic images that truly capture this important moment in their lives for years to come. The journey will involve getting to know each other as people (rather than a more austere business-type relationship), to discuss likes and dislikes, ideas, characters, etc.

family shoot in paris

Sheer Hard Work

The very best photographers do not rest on their laurels. We constantly seek to improve our work and our artistic skills through the exchange of knowledge with experts such as painters, sculptors, florists and designers by going to shows and events that help us expand the horizons of our own work.

I put my soul into photography every day. I go to congresses, seminars, I do courses and tutorials, I read blogs, I work and I surround myself with the best of the industry; I do exchanges and alliances with other artists. Why? Because I always want to give you the best version of myself, I want to deliver 110% so that you always have the most memorable photographs you have ever seen.

princess violago fashion shoot in paris

Local Knowledge

A sound working knowledge of the “City of Lights” is a given for the top Paris photographer; it is essential that the best possible landscapes and settings are chosen to bring individualism, creativity and enhancement to the desired photographic images.

That is why I like to take you to the most iconic, authentic places in Paris; give you recommendations about my favorite restaurants, the best neighborhoods and the best plans to visit the city. Believe me, I know the ideal places for your pictures, and that is where we are going together.


pregnancy photo shoot in parisWedding Photographer in Paris

Your  wedding day is, without a doubt,  one of the most expected and happiest moments during your life;  a day filled with precious moments, never to be repeated, shared with the one you truly love. Capturing those moments of your wedding is as important as living them. Why? because every time you see your photographs you will live again the feelings and emotions of that day. Don’t let those special moments fade away from your memory. It happens to me, if I don’t have special moments captured in photographs, is very likely that I will forget many important details.  

And this is why  choosing your wedding photographer in Paris needs serious consideration.

As your Paris photographer, in the most romantic and mesmeric of cities, those memories will come to life in the years to come – the emotion, the joy and the complete occasion itself depicted in a beautiful array of artistic, tasteful photographic images for you to treasure.


wedding in paris

As your wedding photographer in Paris, I will make sure to capture everything that makes you and your partner unique. Each couple has a personality and a particular identity, and it is my job, as a wedding photographer to capture them in the most truthful way possible.

Whether you are coming to celebrate a small, symbolic ceremony, or a big wedding with hundreds of guest; what I really want to do is capture your essence and that human and emotional element that inspires me as an artist. In each of my pictures I want to give you more than you expect; portray the joyful tears or the authentic smile; that is where your great moments are, and that is where my greatest photographs lay.

Sometimes, when I am walking down Paris’ streets, I see the shores of the Seine River, the beauty of the lights reflected in the water, the lightened buildings and the bridges that cross through the river, and I just feel like crying. Yes… Paris moves me, it touches the deepest fibers of my being, and sometimes, that much beauty is hard to digest. If you add those landscapes to the celebration of the most important day of your life and to your own love story, you will undoubtedly have those fantastic photographs that you always dreamed about. The photographs that we are going to build together.  

sangro-la paris wedding

Thanks to the hundreds of couples that have trusted me to create their photographs in Paris, I have learned which are the best places, the best moments and the best professionals to make your wedding day, the best day of your life. As your Paris wedding photographer it is my job not only to know about photography, but to make your life easier through knowledge and recommendations that can help you plan your wedding, because I know that from far away is hard to find the resources, specially if you don’t speak the language of the country you are visiting.
wedding at the eiffel tower

Proposal Photographer in Paris

A few years ago, when I lived in Colombia, one of my friends proposed to his girlfriend in Paris, and I remember thinking “what a lucky girl, I wish that would happen to me someday”. I could never imagine that a few years later it would be me who would capture hundreds of proposals in Paris, and that just makes me even more lucky.

I don’t think there is a more romantic, beautiful and perfect marriage proposal place, than Paris. Why? The sheer beauty of this city takes your breath away, here, every corner is perfect to caress, kiss or hold hands. Paris is a place to walk around with someone.

surprise proposal in paris

I think the dream of every woman is that the person that she loves will propose in an exceptional way, for women, the time and effort that our partner invests in our proposal shows us how much he/she loves us and that is the most important thing. That is why proposing in Paris is the best idea you can have and if you hire a great Paris photographer to capture that moment, you will knock it out of the park.

Just the fact that you are reading this separates you from the rest of people that are planning to propose in Paris, you are light years ahead just because you are about to give your partner something that cannot be measured with money, memories of one of the most important moments of your life: the day you proposed.

spring paris engagement session

A proposal of marriage in the city of Paris has to be one of the most romantic things the human mind could dream up. Surrounded by the unique ambience and the beautiful setting, enriched with generations of distinct culture, it is surely one of those “never-to-be forgotten… ever” moments in your life. The hiring of a photographer in Paris will render the moment absolute, always to be remembered for the sheer emotion of it all. Believe me, I have seen it hundreds of times, the joyful tears, the surprise and the utter joy your partner feels, that has no price.

As your proposal photographer in Paris, I am more than happy to tell you that your proposal will be unique, one of a kind, because in that moment the only thing that matters is you two and the love you have, everything else disappears. . Set in the most romantic city in the world, your proposal will be an utterly fulfilling experience for you both.

Paris is also known the city for sharing, and, through the emotive images we create together, you will be able to share that experience with your nearest and dearest family and friends.


paris engagement session proposal

Engagement Photographer in Paris

Ok, you are engaged and you are coming to Paris with your significant other. You still have not done your engagement pictures, or maybe you have done some photographs in your city, but you don’t want to miss the chance of doing a photograph session to celebrate your engagement in Paris.

I understand completely! I wouldn’t miss this chance either! Not everyday you are in the most romantic city in the world with the possibility of having an engagement photographer for yourself and having pictures that will be the envy of all your friends.


paris engagement photographer at louvre museum

As your engagement photographer in Paris, is my biggest desire to show you the best places you can find in Paris, document the love and emotion that comes before the previous days of your wedding and give you artistic images that reflect those feelings. I am sure that you have never felt as connected to your partner as you are now, in those days previous to your marriage, and those are the perfect days to bond and enjoy the most beautiful city in the world.

My work as a Paris engagement photographer has enabled me to meet couples from all over the world  and, together, we have made real connections, which have resulted in spectacular photographs, and most importantly, new friendships. I cannot tell you how many of my clients are my Facebook friends now, and many of them constantly invite me to visit them in their own countries; right now, I don’t even know where to start to travel 🙂

paris photo shoot

And at the end of it all, what really motivates me is being able to reflect on the love, sensuality and affection couples are feeling in that moment. My clients’ friends always mention that their pictures look like they have been taken from a magazine, and that fills me with pride, because I know my clients feel like that as well.

If you are the type of person who is affectionate, in love and who is committed to their pictures; if you want to have fun in Paris and you are willing to invest in this process, then I am the perfect photographer for you. It is the same every time… The clients that commit themselves the most with pictures, that plan their locations, their make-up, their dresses and book more hours, they end up with the best galleries.  

best engagement photographer junebugs weddings

Boudoir Photographer in Paris

As I have said before, my greatest inspirations are the affect, emotions and sensuality, which is why I am not only a couple’s photographer in Paris, but I am also a Boudoir photographer in Paris.

You may wonder, What does this mean? What does it have to do with the rest of my job?

Boudoir is a french word that means ‘dresser’ and that was the room next to the main room that was saved for the lady of the house and her maids. That is where they would dress, fix themselves up and share their most intimate experiences. Boudoir photography explores that intimacy, sensuality and femininity women have, through provocative images, outlined artistically and tastefully, glorifying their own image, making each woman feel beautiful and elegant.


paris boudoir photographer

For me, couples photography and boudoir photography are related. To me, these two worlds are closely related for several reasons:

  • Love and sensuality are intertwined, for me, there is not one without the other and that is why it is only natural to submerge in both worlds with the same passion, perspective and vision that I face photography.
  • A lot of women have made a boudoir session in Paris for themselves and many others as a gift for their significant other (anniversary, birthdays, Saint Valentine, wedding night, etc.) so many of my engagement photography clients, seek me later to make their boudoir sessions in Paris.
  • I am very proud to be a woman, for me it is a gift from life and I hope it is for you as well as my job is framed with femininity. My mentor and great friend, Fran Boloni, always says that it is very obvious that I take pictures as a woman. Even if he saw my pictures without knowing the photographer, he would know a woman took them. I love that because I think it gives me a more delicate, sutil and sensitive artistic vision that will reflect on your photos.
  • As a boudoir photographer in Paris, I want to empower you and as many women as possible to explore your sensuality and your sexuality. Society likes to judge us as women and likes to put ideas such as we all have to fit in the same beauty mold, or that exploring your femininity are bad things, well, I do NOT agree with that, for me, it is quite the contrary, our diversity and femininity are motives for celebration and I cannot think of a better way to do so, than by taking some photographs that make us see and feel beautiful.
  • Lastly, being a woman makes my clients feel a lot more comfortable and free in front of my camera, accomplishing more suggestive, provocative photographs, but always keeping the artistic, tasteful sense. My goal is that you have fun, feel beautiful and that together we can create photographs you never imagined possible. Believe me, I have had clients that never imagined how provocative and how beautiful they could be.


paris boudoir photography

My work as a boudoir photographer in Paris is telling you how to pose, advise you on how to wear and what your best angles are. Your goal is looking beautiful and my goal is to create artistic images where you look outstanding, so, as you can see, our goals are in perfect harmony.

A boudoir photography session is the perfect way to celebrate your trip to Paris, you are finally in the city of the burlesque, the can-can girls and the Moulin Rouge, this city has been the capital of sexual freedom for centuries, and here is where the ground-breaking liberties have changed our way of thinking. In Paris, the glamour, the beauty and the provocation are always in the surface, come and live it for yourself so you can be part of the movement.

Whether the finished images are solely for yourself or as a wonderful gift for your partner, the complete experience with me as your Paris photographer will be a truly unforgettable one, for all the right reasons.

paris photographer engagement session

Thank you for getting here

If you are coming to Paris to get married, celebrate your engagement or you are visiting, I just want you to know that I wish you the best of luck and I hope you have an amazing time. This city is known as the ‘City of Light’ for great reasons, so live the light of art, love and sensuality in every corner. If you want to hire me as your Paris photographer to capture your visit, I am here to help you.

As I told you, the love and the emotions are my motivation to give you extraordinary artistic images that you will enjoy forever.

If you wish to hire me as your Paris photographer, please, email me to check my availability at: or you can call me directly to my number: +33 (0) 782 93 55 88. this way we can meet each other a little bit more informally, so we can create together some incredible memories in Paris that you will treasure for the rest of your life. 

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