Paris engagement photographer


It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.

– Alfred Eisenstaedt

As an Paris engagement photographer, my goal is to tell stories through my images and give my clients precious memories. I dedicate myself to documenting love and sensuality through my artistic, photographic vision.

Photography is my passion, gives meaning to my life and is the reason why I get up every morning. Working as a Paris engagement photographer allows me to meet wonderful people from all corners of the world and break barriers to achieve real connections with my clients. Photography has saved my life, made me see the world with different eyes, and that is why I wish to inspire others and touch the lives of people through my art. Balance, color and composition are the keys to giving you memorable photographs that not only reflect that all-important moment in your lives, but also preserve as artistic pieces.

Real emotions, such as love, affection and sensuality, are my primary motivation. Clients who display these emotions so readily, who wish to give it their all to achieve the best possible photographs, who want to have fun doing so, and are more than willing to invest in the idea of it all are those that are guaranteed to make the very best of me to deliver their beautifully romantic memories back to them.


spring paris photo shoot with the cherry blossoms

Last year, I personally captured over 200 separate photo sessions for such clients, mostly in Paris but also in Barcelona, ​​Alicante, Lisbon, Porto, Salzburg, Vienna, Munich and Avignon. My unique images have been published in a variety of speciality publications, including Cosmopolitan, Strictly Weddings and Junesbug Weddings who voted me one of the best 50 engagement photographers in the world in 2016.

If you identify with my work ethic and my style, and wish to hire me as your personal Paris engagement photographer, please contact me and let us create wonderful and treasured images together.


paris couple photo shoot in louvre museum

Why Hire a Professional Paris Engagement Photographer?

By hiring a Paris engagement photographer such as myself, you will receive advice on the whole process; our connection will be instrumental in your enjoyment of the Paris photography session and the wonderful, intimate nature of the images captured. With the experience I have gained as an engagement photographer in Paris (and my everlasting love for the city), I can guide you to the most romantic and scenic places, show you the most iconic sites, and even take you to the more authentic (and less touristy) areas of Paris. Knowing Paris as well as I do, I am even aware of how the weather here will affect the lighting in your photographs.



Con la experiencia que he ganado a lo largo de todo este tiempo como fotógrafa de compromiso en París (y mi amor por esta ciudad) puedo llevarte por los lugares más románticos, mostrarte los sitios más icónicos, e incluso pasearte por rincones menos turísticos pero llenos de autenticidad. De hecho, gracias a tantas sesiones en París, sé cómo se comporta la luz aquí y cómo trabajarla para lograr fotos espectaculares.

Furthermore, and based again on my experience, I know fully that the very best results are obtained for clients who are more than happy to invest and commit to the photo session, and will duly prepare as thoroughly as possible for the event. Your strength and energy is vital to this preparation, whether it be your choice of possible accessories (from simple flowers to an antique car…) or the particular clothes you wish to wear for the occasion. What is important is your own personal creativity and I wish to include every facet of your characters in achieving your wonderful photographic memories.


How to Prepare for your Engagement Photography Session

To quote my beloved Audrey Hepburn: “Elegance is the only beauty that does not go out of style.” Therefore, attire is crucial for good photos. As your engagement photographer in Paris, I recommend wearing a timeless, glamorous and elegant wardrobe. Remember, this is your opportunity to shine in the light. Here are some more essential tips, this time on attire:


1. Vivid Colors: These will separate you from the background and surrounding architecture, allowing you to stand out in the image. White doesn’t look so good when appearing against the Parisian daylight.


2. Bright Fabrics: Absolutely ideal for the night – bright fabrics and sequins work very well because, at night, we use artificial light; the colors are completely different and much more vibrant, providing a more provocative and bohemian atmosphere.


nighttime photography in paris


3. Avoid Over-Striking Prints: Fabrics with eye-catching designs can steal attention from the subject and focus on the outfit; the idea is that you see you first, not what you’re wearing. My advice is to avoid very busy and crazy patterns.



4. Timeless & Classic Attire: I cannot say this enough times! Wear something elegant and timeless. You do not want to be looking at your photographs in 10 years and saying, “Oh, look how we dressed at that time.”




5. Pinterest: Finally, I recommend creating a board in Pinterest where you collect ideas about clothes, hairstyles, locations, poses and accessories that can make your photos spectacular. You can visit my Pinterest page and get ideas from there or “pin” directly from my website.

eiffel tower paris photographer6. Accessories: Ok, so you have your outfit now decided upon. As I said previously, your accessories can enrich your photos by getting them out of the ordinary and making them really unique. Think of an old convertible in the streets of Paris, a beautiful bouquet of peonies to complement your outfit or some macarons with your ring. Your accessories can be anything that identifies with you as the individual you are. The important thing is that they go with your personality and say something about you.




Where are the Best Places for a Paris Engagement Photography Session

Paris is so beautiful it can literally leave you speechless. Iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe, the Musée d’Orsay or Notre Dame (all previously mentioned) immediately identify your memories with this romantic city. However, take, for example, the streets of Montmartre that simply ooze authenticity and the Parisian way of life, and look absolutely incredible when captured on camera. There are thousands of similarly vibrant and interesting places where I can take you, such as the Panthéon (located in Paris’ Latin Quarter), the beautiful Luxembourg Garden (with its tree-lined promenades and its picturesque Medici Fountain), the historic Maritime Museum, and Saint-Louis Island (1 of 2 natural islands located in the River Seine). These few examples of alternative venues to the more traditional Paris skyline are pure authenticity. So, my personal recommendation is to combine the best of both worlds: capture the iconic and then move to the unexpected.


Just one further thought when considering the perfect location. Why not choose a hotel for your romantic stay that offers wonderful views across the city, either from the room itself or from the many that have rooftop bars and restaurants? There are many that can provide the icons of the Paris skyline, such as the Eiffel Tower, as the perfect backdrop to an intimate and equally romantic candlelit meal for 2. Maybe your perfect idea of the perfect proposal?

Your Paris Engagement Photographer…

The benefits of hiring a professional engagement photographer in Paris are endless, and I will more than happily hold your hand throughout every stage of this important occasion for you both. My most popular request from clients is the 4 hours collection that gives you the possibility  to split the session, with 2 hours at dawn and a further 2 hours at dusk. At dawn the locations are less crowded and you have that beautiful golden light at sunrise, and at night-time, you will get bright and majestic colors, with a romantic, glamorous and provocative look; Paris is not known as “The City of Light” (La Ville Lumière) for nothing. Otherwise, my popular 3 hours collection allows you to  explore 2 iconic locations and 1 more authentic, quieter place.



When you come to have your engagement photographs taken in Paris, be prepared to relax and enjoy the process. I want to see your emotions and the real connection that you have with your partner – I want you to let everything flow. That’s when you get the best, most natural results, when you’re calm, when you make a little joke or a gesture of affection. Without a doubt, these are the winning images. As your engagement photographer in Paris, I will guide you and tell you what to do; you only need to worry about having fun.


At the beginning of this article, I spoke of my desire to tell stories through my images and give my clients precious memories that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives, by dedicating myself to documenting love and sensuality through my artistic, photographic vision. We have talked about your reasons for hiring a professional engagement photographer in Paris, how to prepare for your professional photo session, and the huge range of locations within Paris for your engagement photo shoot.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. If you would like contact me to check my availability as your Paris engagement photographer for your proposal dates, please do so by emailing: or you can call me directly at: +33 (0) 782 93 55 88. I eagerly anticipate our more informal introduction to each other and look forward to creating with you both those perfect, treasured memories of your Paris experience.