Boudoir Photo shoot


If you think that only a professional model can be sexy, I will prove you wrong. I´m a boudoir photographer in Paris and I will show you that you can also look and feel fabulous.

Why Should I Have a Boudoir Photography Session?

There is a simple answer for that; just because you deserve it. You are a sensual woman and it is time to cherish it and become an empowered woman.

I will make you feel beautiful, confident and powerful through a boudoir photography session. My goal is that you dare to do what you never thought possible, that you feel inspired and you can look at your pictures and say ‘I’m hot, and I am very proud of myself and what I have done’. You won’t have noticed how provocative you could be until you try it.

I will be with you throughout the entire process, I will give you suggestions on what to wear, how to pose, what are your best angles and how to be alluring without being vulgar. I consider that the key to my work is to show your sensuality in an artistic way, always creating a composition lined with good taste, and believe me, I am very strict on that.

Lastly, I want you to understand that all the roads you’ve traveled, the words you’ve said, and the people you’ve met, have led you where you are today. How far you’ve come is an infinite achievement, and it is to be celebrated. No matter if you are doing this for yourself, or because you want to give it to someone special, it is very important that you know that doing a boudoir photography session with me will be one of the best experiences you can have.


I am Not a Model; Will You Tell Me How to Pose?

Of course I will – you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Directing a photography session is one of my strongest suits. I will guide you completely to accomplish the most seductive poses; highlighting your best features and making you look irresistible. My purpose is that you can relax, enjoy and just be yourself.

As women, sometimes we are our own worst enemy. We are insecure and, like everyone, we have parts that we don’t like so much or that we’d like to change. Nevertheless, it is important that you understand that when you go into a boudoir photography session with me, it is because you trust me and you trust my ample experience. I will always be thinking how to bring out the best in you.

Usually, whenever someone is taking a picture of us, it is normal to think, “my abdomen will not look at its best” or “my legs will look too big”, etc. Don’t worry, even if you feel a little weird in the position I am photographing you in, you will look fantastic on camera.

Recommendations on What to Wear

Buy lingerie that makes you feel extraordinary. How great you feel is the best starting point to achieve a session that exceeds all expectations. Lace lingerie with transparencies is an amazing tool for boudoir photography sessions.

Recommended attire:

  • Bra and panties set
  • Garter belts
  • Stockings (with or without clips for the garter belts)
  • Corsets, especially if you have a curvaceous body The corset will help you emphasize and make your waist stand out – it is an accessory that will make you look incredible
  • Body suits
  • Robes – either silk, lace or transparent, they are a great accompaniment to your photos
  • High heels

boudoir photographer in parisHow Do I Prepare? Here are some tips…

  • The first thing you have to do is arrive calm and relaxed to your boudoir photography session.
  • emove the body hair from your armpits and bikini area. If you wax yourself, it is important that you do it 3 or 4 days before your session to avoid any skin reddening or irritation.
  • Drink a lot of water during the week before your boudoir photography session so your skin looks smooth and soft.
  • Try to have your nails done properly, either painted or not painted, but don’t arrive with them half done or scratched.
  • Before and during the session, wear comfortable, loose clothes to avoid any marks on your skin that could take hours to disappear.
  • The night before, try to catch a good night’s sleep, so your eyes look at their best.
  • Buy your lingerie carefully and with enough time; this way, you will be able to try it on before your session and, if necessary, you will be able to change it without delay.
  • Bring more than one set of lingerie, even if you don’t use it, and please bring some extra stockings as well, as they are extremely delicate and can tear easily.
  • Si quieres traer una amiga está bien, pero trata de que sea solo una para evitar distracciones y enfocarnos en hacerte fotos espectaculares.
  • If you want to bring a friend, that’s ok. However, try to bring just the one so we can avoid distractions and focus on getting the most remarkable photos.

Last, but not least, prepare yourself to have fun and have one of the best experiences of your lifetime.

If you wish to have a boudoir photography session, you can email me to check my availability at : or you can call me directly to my number: +33 (0) 782 93 55 88. I hope to get to know you a little bit more informally, so we can start to create together some incredible memories in Paris that you will treasure for the rest of your life.