5 reasons why choose an actual trip to Paris over a Paris quinceañera theme party

paris quinceanera celebration photoshoot by photographer gloria villa

5 reasons why choose an actual trip to Paris over a Paris quinceañera theme party

5 reasons why choose an actual trip to Paris over a Paris quinceañera theme party

If you’re planning a Paris quinceañera theme party, read this before you start:

  1. Cost: Parties are expensive. Consider a trip to Paris itself could cost the same or even less than a Paris theme party and you’ll be getting the real deal. Decor, food, alcohol, music, venue, dress, make up (for the quinceañera, mother, sisters, etc.), photography (in which case you probably will be getting nighttime pictures with artificial light which is not ideal), and all the time and effort put into organizing a party.
  2. Just one night: The party will be just one night and afterwards every guest will go back to their routine and keep going on with their lives. A trip can be a week of fun and adventures, where you can discover a new culture, cuisine, language and so much more.
  3. Memories: A trip to Paris is a unique opportunity to build memories that will last forever. Collect experiences, not things and you will be richer than most of the people around you.
  4. Family bonds: A trip is the perfect opportunity to strength your bonds as a family and spend quality time with those you love the most.
  5. ParisIt’s a symbol of glamour and elegance, with the Parisian architecture you simply cannot go wrong. You can create amazing photos that will impress your friends and family back home.

That’s why, when Mariana wrote to me letting me know she was coming to celebrate her quinceañera in Paris with a photoshoot I got really excited. Most of the time the mothers are the ones who contact me to ask for the information and hardly every I hear from the quinceañera herself.

I absolutely loved how she took the initiative to enquire for all the information and I was even happier when I discovered that out of all the photographers she researched, I was her favorite.

Quinceanera dress ideas for paris photoshoot by gloria villaHer parents and her sister came along to our quinceañera photoshoot and we had so much fun. The connection with this Mexican family was great. Being latin helps me break the ice really quickly as we share common background, language, principles and warm personalities.

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As Mariana was the one who handled all the process, let’s hear what she has to say about her own experience:

What’s your name and where are you from?

My name is Mariana and I’m from Mexico.

Quinceanera during her photoshoot by Paris Photographer Gloria VillaWhat was your quinceañera celebration dream?

My dream was to be able to have a photoshoot for my 15th birthday in one of my favorite places in the world. Everything started as a family joke but at the end my father put all his effort into making it happen for me. Initially I thought about Palace of Versailles because I was in love with that place.

quinceanera trip to paris by photographer gloria villa

Why did you choose Paris to celebrate your quinceañero?

I decided that I wanted my photoshoot in Paris because the first time I visited the city I just fell in love with every corner of it. The architecture, the food and specially the Eiffel Tower and the Palace of Versailles were so magical, like a dream come true.

quince años en Paris by Paris Photographer Gloria VillaParis quinceañera joyería con fotografa en paris gloria villaParis decoration quinceanera party photoshoot by photographer gloria villaQuinceanera ideas by Paris Photographer Gloria Villa

How did you choose your locations? Would you add any others?

I chose my favorite spots based on my previous visit and some others that Gloria recommended. I ended up falling in love with those ones too! I would have loved to be able to add the Palace of Versailles as well.

quinceanera trip to paris by photographer gloria villafotos de quince en paris por gloria villa

Quinceanera at the Eiffel Tower during her photoshoot by Paris Photographer Gloria Villaquinceanera photoshoot in europe by paris phtoographer gloria villaby paris photographer gloria villa

What was your favorite part about the whole experience?

My favorite thing was Gloria’s attitude, she put me at ease right away, I loved that I just had to be myself in order for her to capture every moment. My general experience was so wonderful, I have no words to really describe how I felt. fotos de quinceañera en París por fotografa gloria villaquinceanera ideas, celebrate with a photoshoot by Paris photographer Gloria Villa

If your best friend was coming to celebrate her quinceañera with a photoshoot in Paris, what would you advise?

I would recommend her to enjoy and absorb every moment and every detail without thinking about anything else. I would also tell her she should find a photographer that would make her feel comfortable and good in her own skin. paris quinceanera photoshoot by gloria villa Parisian cafecelebración de quinceañera en París con fotos por fotógrafa Gloria Villacelebración de quinceañera en París torre eiffel con fotos por fotógrafa Gloria VillaWhat did you take into account when you were looking for your quinceañera photographer in Paris?

I only looked for latin photographers due to the language barrier, but for me the most important aspect was to find someone who would make me feel comfortable and confident, and someone openminded so I could be relaxed becase it was only the second time I would be in the city.

Finally, I wanted to find somebody kind, who would speak Spanish and most important, that I would love her pictures.

quinceanera photos in Paris by photographer gloria villaQuinceañera dresses inspiration during photoshoot by Paris photographer Gloria Villafiesta de quinceañera en París por fotógrafa Gloria VillaWhy did you choose Gloria Villa as your Paris photographer?

From the beginning I just fell in love with Gloria’s photos and how well she captures every moment, but what really made me choose Gloria, was the fact that from the very beginning she was very kind and open even through the emails.

She also shared with me her own experiences and that made me fall in love with her as a photographer. All the other photographers just sent me the information I requested, but she really tried to get to know me and I thought that was amazing.

quinceanera party in paris with a photoshoot by photographer Gloria Villaglamorous quinceanera photoshoot by Paris photographer Gloria Villafotografa de quinceanera en español en paris gloria villaWhat have been the reactions of your friends and family when they saw your pictures?

They loved them and they’re also very impressed that they were done in Paris and very few people have that amazing opportunity. Quinceanera in europe trip by Paris photographer Gloria Villaquinceanera paris theme party by gloria villa

How did you feel during your quinceañera photoshoot in Paris?

At the beginning I was very nervous but afterward I realized there was not reason for that so I started felling confident and happy.  Quinceanera Paris theme party photoshoot by Gloria Villaparisian quinceanera photoshoot by gloria villa

How easy was the process from the first contact?

Actually it was really easy, even though I was across the ocean it was very simple process.

Paris XV birthday photoshoot by gloria villaQuinceanera decorations by Paris Photographer Gloria Villaviaje de quince a paris con sesión de fotos y gloria villaIs there a last thought you’d like to share with us?

Yes, when people ask me about the experience and the way I felt about it, I just can say that it’s a once in a lifetime experience, very few people have the opportunity to have their 15th birthday photos in Paris and even a party.

Therefore if you have that chance, make the most out of it and enjoy it to the max, because those memories are going to stay with you forever.

Quinceañera en callecita de paris en sesión de fotos con gloria villaQuinceanera photoshoot at Parisian cafe and Eiffel Tower by Paris photographer Gloria Villa

Big thanks to Mariana for sharing her experience with us. I hope this testimonial would be very useful to many girls who’re hesitating between a Paris quinceañera theme party and a real trip to this wonderful city.

And if you’re coming to celebrate your quinceañera in París, get in touch with me and let’s make amazing photos together!


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