Quinceañera in Paris


Quinceañera in Paris


Quinceañera in Paris

Imagine being a quinceañera in Paris, walking for the first time through the little narrow streets of the most beautiful, refined and charming city in the world.

You’re there! Ready to take the world by storm, full of excitement, emotions and life.

That’s how a quinceañera should feel when she’s celebrating such and important transitional moment in life, that’s how she should remember it.


You as a parent always want the best for your children, you want to give them all you didn’t have for yourself and to have nothing but the best because they deserve it.


Your quinceañera is special and that’s why Paris is the perfect fit. Paris is known by it’s glamour, elegance and delicacy. All qualities that your 15 year old daughter probably shares.

Miriam Lora is an amazing event planner based in Miami. She’s originally from Honduras and she wanted to make her daughter’s birthday unforgettable and special. The obvious choice was Europe.


“Collect moments, not things”

There’s nothing more valuable you can give your children than experiences. Nothing can compare to that. Having those memories documented is one of the most beautiful treasures you will ever give to them and they will only gain more value with time. Think about it.

But don’t take my word for it, let’s hear what Miriam has to say about her experience with Ana (her 15 year old daughter) and her quinceañera celebration in Paris.


1. Why did you decide to do a quinceañera trip to Paris instead of a Party as tradition in the latin culture?

Ana has always been a very special girl, she doesn’t talk too much but she knows what she wants and although she’s very simple and down to earth, she’s also quite selective regarding her personal taste.
5 years ago, when she was only 10, she knew she wanted to celebrate her 15 year old birthday in Paris, so even though we’ve travelled to other locations in Europe, we always kept Paris for her quinceañera celebration.
Paris is the city of love! the City of Light, home to the Louvre and where the best macaroons are made… She will tell you,  and who doesn’t love Paris?

“I want my photos at the Eiffel Tower! And I want to have brunch at Laduree”, she said… Nothing in the world would make her change her mind.

Now, keep in mind, I am an Event Planner, so it was very hard for me not to organize a super special party for my own daughter….but….she has dreamed of Paris for her 15th birthday and I was very pleased to organize the most amazing and special trip for her!

2. Why do you think it’s important to document those memories of your quinceañera in Paris?

These memories will last forever. What better way to keep them than with pictures? We can share them with family and friends and see them over and over again. They will pass generation after generation as one of the most important moments of Ana’s life.

3. What was your criteria to choose your photographer in Paris?

This session was one of the most important things of whole trip. Many things are important when you’re planning a quinceañera trip to Paris: dress, shoes, makeup, hair… But all those details are worthless unless you have the perfect photographer who can capture the true beauty of the moment.quinceañera-parisina-eiffel-tower-gloria-villa


4.How was your experience working with Gloria Villa as your Paris photographer?

The minute I got in contact with Gloria I knew she was heaven sent! She was referred through another colleague of hers and the connection was instant, not only with me but with my daughter. As I said before Ana is very quiet and kind of shy, and she was completely nervous about doing the photo session…but Gloria made her feel like if she was an old friend, sweet and caring. So Ana went through the whole session feeling comfortable and being herself. Gloria took tons of beautiful pictures and spent more time than what we originally hired her for.

5. Looking back… Do you think planning a quinceañera trip to Paris was a good idea?

Originally we thought of a Quinceañera Cruise….but we changed our mind, cause on a cruise you have time for nothing and Ana  wanted her photos in different areas of Paris. So we decided to do a regular tour, and that was the best decision.

6. What would you recommend to all parents planning a quinceañera trip to Paris?

Traveling to Paris can be a little bit overwhelming, there is a lot of planning involved If you decide to come to Paris to celebrate your daughter’s 15th, but then you have people like Gloria that will make your trip a lot nicer and easier. You have to, have to hire Gloria as your photographer! You will be extremely pleased, her work is  amazing and she will capture beautiful moments.

7. Any additional thoughts regarding your Paris trip?

I would like to thank Gloria for making this trip an amazing one. Her work is exceptional, the price is affordable and you will be extremely happy you hire her!
I want to personally thank Miriam for her kind words. It’s been a joy working with her and Ana, they’re the most beautiful and kindest souls and I feel extremely lucky to have amazing clients like them.
If you’re looking for the ultimate quinceañera experience in Paris, this is it, don’t miss the opportunity to document this unique moment in your daughters life. Reach out to check my availability here.

Gloria Villa


  • Gloria Cisneros

    Reply 28 June, 2018 3:34 am

    Hi, my daughter is wanting to take pictures in Paris at the Eiffel Tower for her Quince, we are looking in going sometime in March 2018, what would the cost be for a photo session? Similar to the pictures of the Quincenera on your web page.

  • Sylvia Ahumada

    Reply 7 December, 2019 6:58 am

    I’m planning a 15 trip for my daughter in April of 2021. It would probably be spring break or in June. Can you please send me more information.

    Thank you.

  • Barbara Tovar

    Reply 31 December, 2019 6:50 pm

    I would like some information about taking quinceñera picture for the first week of June 2020. I love the picture that you have of the girl in the red dress.
    Thank you

  • Gissella Galleno

    Reply 2 November, 2020 6:32 pm

    Hello I’m planning a quinceañera trip for my daughter on 2022, probably in June (is it good or it’s going to be too hot?) I would like to know how much is the cost of the photos and if it only 1 location or if you have different packages, thank you
    BTW I love your pictures on Eiffel Tower

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    Reply 24 December, 2020 4:27 am

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