Paris Boudoir


Paris Boudoir

Paris Boudoir

A Paris boudoir shooting is the ultimate experience for you take home precious memories and cherish them forever.

Either this is for you or for that someone special, being in Paris is the perfect opportunity to make it in style. This is the city of seduction, elegance and sensuality, and it’s the perfect backdrop for you to look and feel fabulous.

Parisians have always been leaders when we talk about female liberation, and there’s no better place to be carried away by your passion in the most glamorous way.

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Hold on! Maybe you’re like… What? What are you talking about? Perhaps asking yourself a million questions. Don’t worry, let’s start little by little and let me tell you about this wonderful experience:

What is boudoir photography anyway?

Boudoir photography is dedicated to put the image of the women in value through the creation of intimate, romantic and sensual images.

This kind of photography is often suggestive rather than explicit, carefully curated to achieve the most elegant and tasteful pictures.

The women who decide to do their Paris boudoir shootings are not models, and have no experience whatsoever with the camera, quite the oposite. They’re women like you and me, who simply decided to explore their sensuality and give themselves this amazing present of feeling beautiful and seductive.

Normally, they reach out to me because they’re visiting Paris, and they want to take advantage of their time here to live a true Parisian experience. After all it’s not every day you’re in one of the most glamorous cities in the world with a professional photographer you can trust.

Think about it! You want to have those memories for ever and that’s why most of my clients purchase a beautiful album along with their boudoir experience.




Why should I do a Paris boudoir shooting?

Simple! This is the place where sexual liberation and women rights movements have been taking place for ages! Let’s embrace, glamour, freedom and self-love!

paris-boudoirThere’s no better place to explore your sensuality

My clients have thousands of different reasons why they decide to do their boudoir session, but let me tell you some of them:

  • I’m engaged and I want to give my future husband a book of myself as a wedding gift.
  • My partner travels a lot, I want to give him a book so he (or she) can think of me when he’s away.
  • I’m in a place on my life where I finally accept who I am and I want to remember in 10, 20 or 30 years how I was when I was young, confident and sexy.
  • I’m a mother and I love it! But for the last few years I’ve been nothing more than a mother. I think it’s time I reconnect with my femininity so I feel daring and sexy again.
  • I’m so heart broken! I feel like I need this to gain back my self-esteem and feel confident, beautiful and sexy again.


Paris boudoir shooting with Karem

Karem is a lovely nurse from Chile. She was visiting Paris with her boyfriend when we did this amazing boudoir shooting and now she wants to share her experience with all of us.

Here is the testimony of this gorgeous girl, let us read what she has to say about it:


engagement-ideas-parisHow did you find your Paris boudoir experience?

It was amazing! I wasn’t expecting or even imagining anything like that. Everything flew so naturally… The place, the make up, the attires were so beautiful.

I loved the mixture between elegance and sensuality. It was beautiful, hands down!


birthday-gift-ideas-parisDo you think it’s important for women to do a boudoir shoot at least once in a life time? Why?

If you have the chance to do it, don’t miss it! It’s a beautiful experience that will help you increase your self-esteem and your confidence. 100% Recommended.

paris-perfect-birthday-giftparis-boudoir-baloonsHow did you feel during your Paris boudoir shooting?

In the beginning very nervous, but afterwards really comfortable. The professionalism and charism of the team create an atmosphere of trust and from there everything flows.


paris-present-ideas-anniversaryparis-fotografia-de-boudoirWhy do you think Paris is special for a boudoir shooting?

Because Paris is the icon of love and sensuality. It gives the perfect atmosphere to achieve the best results in a very unique and elegant way.


paris-boudoir-photographerWhat advice would you give to women who come to Paris and are thinking of doing a boudoir shooting for themselves?

I advise them to dare to do it and to enjoy it! It’s a wonderful experience that reflects your most feminine and sensual side.



Do you think that having your hair and make up done played and important roll in the way you felt during your session?

Of course! It allows to highlight the beauty in all of us in a very natural and delicate way.


How were the reactions of your boyfriend, friends and family?

Woooowww! They loved the pictures! The mixture of colors, the light, the place, the outfit and the attitude. They loved all that.

paris-engagement-eiffel-towersurprise-gift-finace-parisHair and Make up: Onorina Jomir

If you’re thinking of visiting Paris and you’re ready to live this experience, you can check for my availability here:



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