Proposal in Paris with Nick and Laura

Proposal in Paris with Nick and Laura

If you enjoy love stories as much as I do, you’re going to adore this proposal in Paris! Nick and Laura’s engagement photos turned out absolutely spectacular.

During my years as an proposal photographer in Paris, I’ve started to collect love stories from the couples that I’ve photographed, and you wouldn’t believe the number of things that I’ve seen, and tales that I’ve been told by hundreds of couples from all around the world.

And that’s why I decided to share on my blog some of the most interesting stories from the couples that really captured my imagination.

Proposal in Paris

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Nick and Laura, an American couple who caught my attention for two reasons:

  1. They were perfectly in tune. I barely had to direct them at all, because they were so natural and affectionate in front of the camera that the photos are bursting with emotion and feeling without any extra effort on their part. I adored them from the very first moment.
  2. They wanted pictures in the more authentic corners of Paris. As you can see, there are no Eiffel Tower pictures in this gallery! Although they wanted their Paris engagement shoot to include iconic spots such as the Louvre, they also decided to spend several extra hours exploring more authentically Parisian sites. The result is a truly incredible gallery.

anillo de compromiso paris


When we had finished our engagement photo shoot in Paris, we sat down with a coffee, and they told me their story.

Nick and Laura’s Love story

Laura saw Nick for the first time on Instagram and thought that he was a great-looking guy, so she looked through all his photos, and worked out which friends they had in common.

Next, she arranged a night out with some mutual friends, knowing that he would be there. She made a special effort to look nice for the occasion, and went off to battle! Nick, on the other hand, had spent the previous two days working on a really long project, so he showed up looking a little bit scruffy, so Laura immediately felt at an advantage.

That night, they quickly introduced themselves, and Laura made a really strong impression on Nick. She got into his head at once; in fact, the very next day he started asking all their mutual friends about her.

walking by the paris river

Some three weeks later, they went to a bar with some friends and sat down together to talk. It was as if the world had faded away into the background and they were the only two there; they talked for hours, and most of their friends left without them even realizing.

The hours went by, and Nick got up to use the bathroom, but Laura got nervous and thought that he must have left the bar, and so she left too.

Meanwhile, Nick was in the bathroom thinking about how brilliantly the date was going, and what a great time he was having with Laura. But by the time he came out, she’d disappeared.

Disheartened, he went home with some of his friends; he couldn’t work out what was going on. However, on the way home he received a Facebook message from Laura, saying that she’d had a fantastic night and that she’d love to see him again. Nick was literally dancing in the streets.

From that point on, whenever they went out they hardly spoke to anyone else. At times, their friends actually started to complain about being neglected, but they were too crazy about each other to notice. Those two were a lost cause.

compromiso en los jardines de luxemburgo

Unas semanas después al final de otra salida Nick se armó de valor y pensó “No te vas sin besarla hoy” así que cuando ella estaba a punto de irse el la haló por el brazo y la besó y después le dijo “Me gustaría invitarte a una cita alguna vez”, mientras ella en una voz de niña chiquita sonreía hasta más no poder y le decía “OK”.

The relationship became serious

Finally, they started dating, and saw each other regularly for about three months, until at the end of the semester Laura moved to California. At that point they entered into a long distance relationship, which lasted for the next three years.

About four months ago, Nick was transferred to California, and they moved in together – woohoo! Their first big foreign holiday together was to Paris, and that was when Nick decided that the moment was right to propos..

A few months previously, Nick had contacted me about taking their proposal photographs, plus an extra session of engagement photos in Paris, taking in all the best corners of the city.

I helped him to choose the perfect place for his proposal, I gave him a few tips and I made sure the whole thing went smoothly and voila!

Here are their proposal photographs, and their engagement photos in Paris:

paris proposal photographer

paris engagement in tuileries gardens

paris proposal engagement compromise en paris

the most romantic paris engagement picutures

paris literature engagement shoot

parisian poem

gala in paris

paris romance

anillo de compromiso en paris

enamorados en paris

café parisino compromiso

pedir matrimonio en parisengagement shoot in parisian cafe

pedir la mano en paris

If you’re thinking about doing your proposal in Paris:

Here are their proposal photographs, and their engagement photos in Paris:

If you’re thinking about asking that special someone to marry you in Paris, or if you’re already engaged and you’d like to set your engagement photos in Paris, please visit these two links for tips and useful information to plan it all out perfectly, and take home the very best of memories:

Big love to you all, and if you need any more information about getting engaged in Paris, don’t hesitate to ask! I’m here to help.

Gloria Villa

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